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   "Each place around Govedartsi keeps the memory of past times, whispers old legends and sagas. There are signs of Thracians and slavics, here were the wars of Tzar Ivan Shishman and Samuil, here grew the Bulgarian words of Paisii and his followers. The nearly situated Rila Monastery, an everburning beacon in the dark ages of the yoke, was a stronghold for the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian spirit. Rila Mountain was mother of many rebels' bands and leaders - Malio, Gjula, Chakar. The people sang songs about them..."
 Dimitar Mazganov, teacher in Govedartsi
The outdoor fireplace of House Djambazki HotelLocal peasant dress
   If we talk about the site seeing in the area of the village, besides the unique nature, we have to mention the church temples, saved the Bulgarian spirit in the people through the centuries.
   In the village there are three churches, a monastery near the village and three chapels situated in the neighborhoods of "Tapankovitsa", "Mechkaritsa" and "Izvoro".
Saint George Monastery
Saint George Monastery
Mural painting of Saint George
Mural painting of Saint George
Wildernes around
   Govedartsi has a moderate climate, almost quiet and not foggy. It makes our village a nice place for relaxation and recreation among the scented pine forest. The village is populated with 1870 residents, most of which are occupied with production of potatoes, cattle breeding, and tourism. The houses are situated along the right riverbank of the longest Bulgarian River - Iskar (410 km).
One of The Seven Rila Lakes
The Seven Rila Lakes
Iskar River
Iskar River
   The virgin mountain is reflecting in the numerous lakes, and shelters various plants and animals, some of which are endemics. Huddled up in the bosom of Maliovishka Rila, Govedartsi is a natural exit point for some of the most beautiful mountain itineraries like the mountain peak Maliovitsa, The Seven Rila Lakes, Urdinite Lakes, as well as many others.
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