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map of Rila mountais - local routs
   The slanting slopes of Malyovishka Rila offer excellent possibilities for half a day and all day marches to close and remote localities. For fans of mountainous cycling - asphalt itineraries, itineraries along cart-tracks and broken grounds. Some of the most gorgeous rock massifs, attracting mountaineers from the country and abroad are located within the region of Malyovitsa Chalet. The rivers and lakes may satisfy the needs of the keenest fishermen and the forest meadows and massifs may endow tourists with forest fruits, herbs and mushrooms.
   The valley of the Lakatitsa River turns in winter into a natural racing track for ski cross country, and the ski tracks within the region provide for a possibility of beginning and advanced Alpine skiers to enjoy the countryside at short range even in wintertime. The track over the village of Govedartsi is located at a distance of 1,5 kilometers from it at the foot of the Mechit Chalet and is 1 600 meters long, and Malyovitsa Complex is situated at 15 kilometers from Govedartsi, offering its winter facilities to tourists. Borovets is located at 20 kilometers from the village and has good conditions for skiers, both during daytime and during the nights with its tracks for night skiing.
The entrance of Rila National ParkTop of MaliovitsaMaliovishka river
Hiking to top of Malyovitsa Peak - 7 hours /all day/
Ski slop of Govedartsi, under Mechit peak
Hiking to top of Mechit Peak - 8 hours /all day/
Seven Rila LakesSeven Rila LakesSeven Rila Lakes
Hiking to the Seven Rila Lakes - 7.30 hours /all day/
Vitosha Mountains - view from Rila Mountains
View from Mechit Hut - 4 hours /half day/
Urdina riverYavorova poliana
Biking to Hut Vada - 14 km./half day/  
Lakatitsa RiverLakatitsa River in the end
Biking along the valley of the Lakatitsa River - 11,2 km. 
Saint George Monasterygovedartsi's churchgovedartsi's church two
Cultural tour within the region of Govedartsi - 3 hours /half a day/ 
blueberryhand made jam from forest fruits
Picking up of forest fruits, herbs or mushrooms - 2-4 h 
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